Casa Stiesmark Wine

Vino Etrusco Sul Rigo is produced from Casa Stiesmarks fields on the slopes around the city of Celle sul Rigo. Casa Stiesmark produce both red and white wines. The red wine is based on Sangiovese grapes and the white wine is based on Procanico (same family as Trebbiano Toscana) and Malvasia Tuscany grapes.

Casa Stiesmark has a small but carefully selected production. The grapes are grown on 60-year-old vines on a south-west facing slope. All production takes place in an old fashioned way and without the use of machinery or chemicals. Vinification takes place in our own cantina and the wine is stored in cellar inside the city of Celle sul Rigo itself. Our basement has a constant temperature and humidity all year round and is therefore perfect for storing wine.

Casa Stiesmark started the production in 2007 and have since then continuously improved the quality of the wine.  From as small hobby production we have over the years invested in the vinification and are proud to say that our wines today are among the best in the southern Tuscany. We will continue to improve our methods but still be loyal to the traditional winemaking that has been ongoing for centuries in the area around Celle sul Rigo.

To illustrate our strong commitment to the traditional winemaking in the area our label is inspired by the old Etruscan who was the first to grow wine in the Celle sul Rigo area.

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